Aqualandia opens for summer 2014

The largest water park in Europe opens its doors on Saturday 24th of May for its 30th summer season, a very special year for Benidorm’s water park which opens with the offering of a new attraction, VERTI –GO, the world´s highest slide – capsule.

During the last 30 years, the park has offered nonstop fun and enjoyment as Aqualandia is a great “Water Festival” for all.

water park in benidorm

The park has attractive and exciting water attractions to suit all tastes and ages. Water slides of differing heights, playgrounds, swimming pools and relaxation areas. In Aqualandia anything is possible because it has unique facilities.

Aqualandia also think of the little ones. They offer parents the chance to spend with their children a relaxed day’s play in the playgrounds where the “kings of the house” will find all they could want for an unforgettable day.

To celebrate the opening day only on Saturday 24th May, the first 100 children who come to Aqualandia will enter FREE into the park.

And as previously mentioned, you can enjoy an adrenaline rush with VERTI –GO. This is the name of a set of two slides 28 and 33 metres respectively. The 33m stands as the highest slide in Europe and the highest slide – capsule in the world.

The VERTI -GO drop system enhances the impact of this attraction besides the adrenaline release and is a challenge for the more daring as the accesses to the slide itself is through a sealed capsule through which you will reach a trapdoor which opens unexpectedly. You can expect a 66 % incline slope which is almost falling into the void over 100 km in just 3 seconds. This attraction also offers majestic views from the top of Aqualandia crowned by a dome of original design that will allow visitors to see the heights as the tower that stands by the attraction is 42 meters high.

Other attractions also include:

ADVENTURELAND: For the little ones. Here everything is designed for them; their boundless energy can be burnt off here: slides, water throwers, pools with balls, children’s maze and many more activities!

WAVE POOL: This is huge pool with waves and which gradually deepens. It is valid for: Minimum 1.20 cm. in height and able to swim or under 1.20 cm. with an adult

BIG-BANG: Enjoy an attraction unique in Europe. Slide down a series of chutes to experience the ultimate free fall sensation from an incredible height. Valid for: those who know how to swim and are more than 1.25 cm in height.

In addition , visitors can also enjoy in Aqualandia 20 other attractions  such as Zigzag, Black Hole, The Kamikaze, Splash, Rapids Pool Activities complete the long list of possibilities with family or friends every summer.

The fun is about to begin!!

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