Benidorm Fietas!!

From 9th to 14th November, Benidorm shows just the way it is. A friendly city that celebrates its traditional acts in the street, sharing with neighbors and visitors the extensive program of events and activities that fill with party the streets of the tourist capital of the Mediterranean during its Patron Saint Feast Days in honor of the Virgen del Sufragio.

The festivities date back to March 1740 when a boat appeared on the Benidorm coast dragged in by a violent storm. The boat was burnt to prevent epidemics; however some local boys found the image of the Virgin in the rubble and took her to the church where later they built a chapel. This story is staged each year on the Poniente beach on Saturday about five in the afternoon.

On the 9th November, the Queen and her court will open the festivities and, after this, the groups will appear in the traditional Entrada.

The next day the bands and the sound of bells will announce that Benidorm is totally immersed in its festivities and the magnificent Playa de Poniente will be the setting where the finding of the Patrona will be performed. The solemnity of the mass in honour of Virgen del Sufragio, pilgrimages and processions will put the perfect end to the celebrations.

Parades, correfocs, batukadas and fireworks will happen until 14th November. Nancis Rubias and Melendi will offer two concerts at the Auditorio Julio Iglesias and SS.MM. Los Reyes de España square.

Do not wait another year, come to Benidorm during these six days of November and participate in the most open, fun and colorful fiesta as you can imagine.

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