Benidorm holds a gastronomical week to celebrate World Tourism Day

To celebrate Work Tourism Day, from the 25th of september until the 4th of october, Benidorm is holding a “brochetas” week, which translates to “Skewers” Week, so get your taste buds ready!

week of skewers benidorm

During that week 16 restaurants in Benidorm will offer delicious creations in the form of a skewer at only 2€.

The restaurants taking part with their dishes are:

  • Aurrera Pintxos – Grilled Monkfish delights with wakame & toasted garlic
  • Dehesa de Don Saturnino – Marinated lamb in 35 spices
  • El Bodegón Aurrera – Chicken Yakitori shi-take mushrooms
  • El Txoko – Lamb delights
  • La Alberca – Crunchy prawn with hot sauce
  • La Brasería Aurrera – Butifarra Catalana a la brasa y setas shi-take, with red pepper jam
  • La Cava Aragonesa – Shish Kebab
  • La Tapería Aurrera – Crunchy prawnswith fried algae &
  • Taberna Tamboril – Cholesterol challenge
  • Tabernota del Sur – Grilled cuttlefish marinated in dry fruit & spicy sauce
  • Tragantúa – Flower of tuna
  • Carpe-Diem – Bread & cheese meringues
  • Kaixo – Kaixo skewer
  • Zarzosa – Party of flavours
  • Mesón-Cervecería Cruz Blanca – Chicken delights with homemade curry
  • Taberna Andaluza – Delcia Andaluza
  • Hotel Montesol café – Prawn & pineapple skewer with curry & coconut mayonnaise
  • Cervecería Angelillo – Original sin
  • La Bodeguita Tapapín – Terra Mar
  • Restaurant La Familia – Crunchy chicken with gorgonzola sauce
  • Restaurant Oh Solomillo – Choco-millo

You will be able to pick up a map to fid you way arround at any of these establishments.

Don’t give it another thought and come to try one of Benidorm’s tastiest events of the year!

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