Hotel RH Corona del Mar wins its third consective Gold Award

This week TUI’s yearly supplier’s presentation was held in Benidorm and for a third consecutive year, the Hotel RH Corona del Mar has won the highly acclaimed “Gold Award” – the ultimate customer seal of approval, voted for by our guests. This award is given to the most highly rated hotels and apartments, offering great value, peace of mind and exceptional holiday experiences that truly meet their expectations.

corona fachada

Criteria for selection will be based on…

  • Accommodation Overall CSQ score by hotel rating/product, this year the minimum score was 8.93 overall.
  • CSQ return of over 100 for either winter or summer season, except for Lapland, due to the shorter season a minimum of 25 returns is required
  • A complaint ratio of less than 2.5% – based on complaints received in After Travel Customer Support as a % of the number of bookings
  •  Hotel/product featured in TUI UK & Ireland portfolio for Summer 2015 or Winter 2014/15

The ceremony was a partner presentation with over 80 attendants including hoteliers, excursion & transport suppliers, local authorities & local hotel association.

This is the 13th Golden Award the hotel has received, we would like to thank each and every one of our gusts that have made this possible and all our work team, who give their best day after day, this award means a great deal to all of us.

Here is the picture of the award presentation, with our Manager Marta Gomez and Guest Relations & Account Manager  Tracey Pollitt along with TUI Management, Ian Livesey, Gareth Williams and Erol Ahmet

gold award ceremony

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