Q Quality Flag in Benidorm

Another recognition has been awarded to Benidorm’s beaches for the quality, cleanliness and service, with the Q Quality Flag award for the beaches of Mal Pas, Poniente and Levante,. In addition the beaches renew their Blue Flag Awards for the third consecutive year

Another recognition has been awarded to Benidorm’s beaches for the quality, cleanliness and service, with the Q Quality Flag award for the beaches of Mal Pas, Poniente and Levante. “One of the most important awards for quality tourism.”

The Q Quality is the brand that represents quality in the Spanish tourism industryand is one of the most important awards for quality certification of the beaches awarded by the ICTE, the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality, following the rules of quality UNE-EN 187001. This standard identifies the requirements of equipment, cleanliness, safety, rescue, information, etc..

The Q Quality award compiles the features providing prestige, differentiation, reliability and rigor to certified tourist establishments

Members who constitute the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality are the national business organisations representing different sectors and public administration, and who are also the board of directors forming this Institute

Another good news is that the Foundation for Environmental Education has recognised, for the third consecutive year, the “high quality” of the beaches of Levante, Poniente and Mal Pas, and the excellence of the services they provide to users. This recognition signifies thatBenidorm renews all the blue flag awards.

New this year, Benidorm receives a special mention, the only destination in the Valencia Region a “thematic distinction for municipalities with Blue Flag beaches, which in this case recognises the work carried out regarding information and environmental education, recalling the intense campaign carried out last winter in relation to the benefits of seagrass and its power of retaining the sand banks.


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