Saint Cecilia’s Concert

The Constitution of 1812 is one of the most important legal texts of the Spanish state, since laid the foundation for subsequent constitutions. Considered a bastion of liberty, was promulgated in Cadiz on March 19th, 1812, the feast day of San Jose, so it was popularly known as “La Pepa”. Coinciding with the bicentenary of the signature, the Musical Society L’Illa de Benidorm, in collaboration with the esteemed director D. Joan Espinosa will dedicate this Santa Cecilia concert to this event and through works such as El sitio de Zaragoza, Goyescas, Sevilla, El Baile de Luis Alonso, or Cadiz will attempt to offer an image of Spain in 1812. This will have a new staging that is expected to please the audience. Before starting the concert, a group of new musicians will join the Musical Society L’Illa de Benidorm. Day: December 16th, 2012 12:00 H Location: Town Hall of Benidorm


concierto santa cecilia

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