Tips to get your cheap hotel in Benidorm

How to get a cheap hotel in Benidorm.

If you are thinking about a vacation in hotel in Benidorm and you have a tight budget, don’t worry. You do not have to renounce to quality without going to hotels with exorbitant prices. The key to going to cheap hotels in Benidorm without ending unpleasant ‘surprises’ like extras in the price or poor service, is knowing how to search well; and also to follow some small tricks to get the top hotels in Benidorm at a good price.
Save money by avoiding high seasons.

One of the tricks is to run away from the high season (which in Benidorm would be July and August) and choosing other months of the year to get more affordable prices in cheap hotels in Benidorm. And if you’d rather not be with so many people, the city will not be as crowded with tourists. Don’t worry about the month, because Benidorm is always sunny and temperatures are mild all year round.

Take advantage of all-inclusive offers

Another trick is to take advantage of the packages offered by cheap hotels in Benidorm, such as the all-inclusive hotels of RH Princesa and RH Royal. This way you pay a fixed price, and you can eat and drink as much as you want during your stay without spending an extra euro, in addition to being able to access the wellness services. For example, it is a perfect option if you go with your family so that the children can enjoy themselves in the hotel, with activities and entertainment included, and you will not take frights when making the final checkout.

You can find cheap hotels Benidorm without giving up for it to a good location. Normally, in many cities, well-located hotels tend to be more expensive, and as you move away from the centre or the beach, you will find cheap hotels. But the trick is to check the locations of hotels that look cheap on search engines. For example, the RH Canfali hotel is economically priced and is in front of the Levante beach in a privileged location. To be a modest 2-star hotel does not mean you are not in the best location or you do not enjoy the best food in your buffet.

Keep on eye of the special packs

In addition to the all-inclusive that we have already mentioned, one of the tricks for finding cheap hotels in Benidorm is to look for special packs. Many of the best hotels in Benidorm have offers for couples as the ‘romantic getaway’ of the hotels RH Royal, RH Victoria and RH Corona del Mar. These offers are perfect for an intimate and relaxing weekend in autumn or winter with your partner.

You’re in luck if you’re over 60

If you are over 60, you have an advantage when it comes to finding cheap Benidorm hotels. The skyscrapers city is perfect for senior tourism and hotels offer multiple offers for this public. For example, the RH chain has one for over 60 years with discounts for these people in their top hotels in Benidorm, such as free mineral water and wine throughout the stay and discounts on other services.

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