Traditional Mare de Deu of Roser weekend

Traditional festivals of Roser are celebrated this weekend with a programme of events that will run until next Monday and with the ‘neighbours of the Benidorm orchard’ honouring the Virgin of the Roser.

The festivities begin on Friday, 5th of October, with a picaeta (dinner) at 21:30h. and musical performances at 23:00h. The big day is Saturday with the despertá (awakening), children´s games and bell ringing to announce the start of the festivities. From 18:30h. Participants will meet at the Trinquet to start ‘the offering’, after which the Proclamation will take place, by Juan Galiana. Then the traditional copletes (traditional songs) will be sung, and the queens and ladies will dance the Peuet dance (traditional dance), accompanied by xirimita and tabalet. After the Proclamation, a picaeta will be offered by the Commission and finally, musical performances.

On Sunday, the day begins at 8:00h. with the second despertá (awakening)and a breakfast by the Commission. At 11:00h. there will be a mass, the ‘X tournament of Pilota Valenciana’, lunch, bingo and Dinner.

On Monday, the festivities will close with a Mass at 20:00h.

fiesta del roser


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